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How to Open a Bed & Breakfast in Italy: A Comprehensive Guide


The tourism industry has undergone many transformations in recent years, with a growing trend towards alternative hospitality. Among these, Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs) have emerged as a popular choice for both travelers and entrepreneurs. This guide will help you understand how to open a B&B in Italy and manage it successfully.

What is a Bed & Breakfast?

A Bed & Breakfast, also known as a B&B, offers a balance between the comforts of a hotel and the affordability of a hostel. These establishments provide comfortable accommodation, often located in central positions, with spacious rooms, private services, and abundant breakfasts prepared by the owners. This type of accommodation allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture, offering a more personal experience than that of a traditional hotel.

The Advantages of Opening a B&B

Opening a B&B can be a profitable business opportunity. For apartment owners, a B&B can represent a way to generate extra income. Moreover, opening a B&B does not require a significant bureaucratic commitment. Unless expressly prohibited by the condominium regulations, it is not necessary to request authorization from the condominium assembly.

How to Open a B&B in Italy: Bureaucratic Steps

To open a B&B in Italy, you need to follow some key steps:

  1. Inform Yourself About the Regional Law: First of all, you need to inform yourself about the regional law in force in your place of residence. These laws define B&Bs as family-run hospitality activities that use their own home to host customers in annual or seasonal periods.

  2. Submit the SCIA: The second step is the submission of the Certified Notification of Start of Activity (SCIA), which can be done telematically or at the municipal offices of the Suap of the relevant municipality. The SCIA replaces the previous DIA (Declaration of Start of Activity) and the documents to be attached depend on the specific regional law.

  3. Contact the Tourist Office: Finally, you need to contact the competent Tourist Office to proceed with the classification of the B&B, always according to what the regional law of reference establishes.

Managing a B&B

Managing a B&B requires commitment and attention to detail. The two fundamental components of a B&B are the bed and the breakfast, both must be impeccable. In addition, customers must feel at home, so customer care is essential to build a good reputation.

A B&B management software can be a valuable aid to manage room bookings, financial documentation, and communications. These tools can also help build a communication strategy based on customer data.

In conclusion, opening and managing a B&B can be a rewarding entrepreneurial challenge. With the right information and tools, you can turn your home into a welcoming B&B and offer a unique experience to your guests.

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