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Get More Bookings: How A Google Ads Pro Can Boost Your Hotel's Revenue

If you run an independent hotel or even a small chain, getting guests to find and book your property can be challenging with all the competition online. Simply having a website often isn't enough even if you rank decently in search engines. More direct and targeted advertising is key to revenue growth.

This is where expert Google Ads management comes in for hotels and hospitality businesses. Working with a consultant who knows both hotels and Google Ads inside out provides valuable expertise and effort savings.

Tailored Strategy For Each Hotel

An effective consultant first gets to know each hotel client deeply - its location, amenities, room types, price points and who the target guests are. This informs a tailored Google Ads strategy and budget to promote the unique strengths through multiple formats like text ads, display ads, Local Services ads and more.

The right mix is crucial for hotels as customer search behavior differs if they are planning a vacation vs. a brief business stay. Aligning ads to each search behavior drives relevance that converts lookers into bookers.

Optimizing Accounts for Hotel Metrics

Standard Google Ads metrics like clicks and conversions matter but hotel consultants go deeper. Since bookings revenue is the lifeblood, the optimization strategy focuses on lowering average cost per booking and maximizing booking value.

Often this involves refined audience targeting, higher quality score to lower costs per click, adjusted budgets across seasons and custom audiences to attract previous website visitors.

Insider Tips on Creative and Landing Pages

It takes a hospitality-centric mindset to make ads and landing pages persuasively showcase rooms, location attractions, deals and amenities to close bookings. Experienced Google Ads hotel consultants have tested ideas up their sleeves - from dynamic number formatting in ads to highlight savings to well-timed promotions across seasons to encourage direct bookings.

An external perspective also helps identify website sticking points like less prominent booking widgets and offer UX upgrades to increase conversion rates. Reviews and social proof matter a lot too for hotels and are prominently featured.

More Revenue Without the Work

At the end of the day, the best thing about an expert Google Ads consultant for hotels is the impact on revenue. As an independent hotel, you don't have to spend hours tweaking campaigns and analyzing data. The consultant takes over the reins to deliver a revenue windfall from the online channel so you can focus on amazing on-site guest experiences.

Does your hotel need more direct bookings? Talk to Sequoya we can help you :

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