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HOTELS AND HOSPITALITY GURUS utilized Google Analytics to help our hotel clients gain deep insights into their online performance and identify areas for improvement. By tracking and analyzing key metrics such as website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates, we provided our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their online presence. This data-driven approach allowed us to identify trends, understand customer preferences, and measure the effectiveness of various digital marketing strategies. We used these insights to refine our clients' digital strategies, improve website usability, and optimize conversion paths. This resulted in improved online performance, increased bookings, and ultimately, higher revenue for our clients.

UN RACCONTO DI CRESCITA GUIDATA DATI worked closely with Fonterutoli, a renowned wine producer and hotelier, to establish a robust revenue management strategy. Our approach involved a detailed analysis of Fonterutoli's unique business model, understanding the interplay between their wine production and hospitality services. We leveraged cutting-edge tools and analytics to understand demand patterns, pricing trends, and customer behavior. This enabled us to implement dynamic pricing strategies and optimize booking channels, ensuring maximum revenue generation. Additionally, our strategies took into account the seasonal trends in the wine industry, thus creating a holistic revenue management system that capitalized on every opportunity for growth.




2022 helped to improve Fonterutoli's ranking on through a strategic blend of optimization techniques. Our approach encompassed enhancing the quality of the property's listing, implementing dynamic pricing, and improving customer engagement. By refining the property description, enriching it with high-quality photos, and ensuring up-to-date availability, we increased the listing's appeal to potential guests. We also ensured quick and professional responses to customer inquiries and reviews, thus improving the property's rating on the platform. Through these measures, Fonterutoli's visibility on was significantly enhanced, leading to increased bookings and improved revenue performance.


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